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Toys Tantrum - Bad Girl Records

Mignon are set to release their third full length, Toys Tantrum, worldwide on February 9th 2018 via Bad Girl Records. The album leads the listener into a distorted and unnerving world of creepy toys, dreams and dolls, this is delivered in an explosive and unhinged package that encourages people to think for themselves and to question everything. Mignon‘s aim with Toys Tantrum is simple, they want to empower the people who feel like they don’t fit in, as they believe that the weirdos and freaks can change the world for the better, and if nothing else Toys Tantrum is an album that will improve your world.

The deceptive toy chimes that open Toys Tantrum give way to gloriously offbeat mix of indie, punk and new wave influences that blend together perfectly, the opening track, Dollhouse, is a fine start to the album that throws you curveballs with it’s idiosyncratic style and honeyed vocal delivery. The album constantly veers in style with Fiesta bringing a sleazier lounge vibe into the mix, that eases into the haunting rock ‘n roll of Play Dead. Bulldog takes you into a darker place with it’s primitive guitar riff and fast paced distorted vocal, this slips gently into the dark cabaret style of Ghost Of A Memory. The pace picks up with the bass driven Hands Of Time before the playful sixties pop of Make Believe briefly steers the album away from it’s dark path, as we approach the end we hit the slow burning Rock Bottom and Toys Tantrum ends with the fittingly unhinged finale of Joker.

With Toys Tantrum it would seem Mignon have released an album that blends everything you love about the punk, new wave, indie, rock ‘n roll and the garage worlds to create a unique hybrid of styles that for me borders on perfection. Toys Tantrum is an album I’d recommend to anyone, but especially to fans of everyone from The Hillbilly Moon Explosion through to The Dresden Dolls, Nadine Shah and early Imelda May. With Toys Tantrum I feel that Mignon have released their finest album to date, and even though we’re in the early stages of the year Toys Tantrum will undoubtedly be one of my favourite albums of 2018.

Toys Tantrum can be pre-ordered on physical formats via Bad Girl Records here and digitally via iTunes

Mignon‘s website can be found here