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As Above, So Below - Rose Coloured Records

Hailing from Plymouth on the south coast of the UK, Patrons are a band who have slowly built their following through a relentless touring schedule and the release of two EP’s, 2014’s self titled debut and 2015’s The Momentary Effects Of Sunlight. At their heart Patrons are a post hardcore band, but they avoid being yet another band in the pack by having a unique take on the genre, one that is a refreshing and original reboot that avoids the formulaic clichés. Patrons new album, As Above, So Below, is due to be released tomorrow, the 31st March 2017 via Rose coloured Records on limited edition splatter vinyl and digital formats.

All the elements you’d recognise from the scene that spawned them are present and correct on As Above, So Below, but they are refined and somehow smoother, yet they are delivered with an intensity and commitment that you can’t help but be impressed by. As Above, So Below is an album that will pass by an instant, and there’s not a track on this impressive debut that will have you reaching to skip a track. There are also a few perfect moments on this album, Shapes In Nature, with it’s delicate verse and earnest chorus, is one that has a perfect balance between the delicate moments and full tilt intensity, whilst he passionate and emotive Listen is a heart wrenching number that, despite being one of the most restrained on the album, maintains the intensity and passion. As Above, So Below ends on a high with two tracks that are the polar opposite of each other, Last Of The Quick Thinkers is an uplifting blast, before the album bows out with it’s atmospheric closer, Dawn.

There’s something about the way Patrons deliver As Above, So Below that reminds me of Lagwagon, whilst they are a very different prospect musically I can’t shake the feeling that this is somehow a post hardcore incarnation of that esteemed band, but maybe that’s just me. Patrons are a band that are hard to pin down, they aren’t just another post hardcore band running with the pack, the elements on the songs blend effortlessly into each other, and the overall impact and diversity of the album makes this the most impressive post hardcore release I’ve heard in a long time

You can pre-order As Above, So Below via Rose Coloured Records here

Patrons website can be found here