Album Review: Plastic – Here There Is No Gravity

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Here There Is No Gravity - Sweet Low Records

Cheshire, UK based band Plastic have been delivering their own brand of heavyweight distorted riffs, a sound that encompasses grunge, alt rock and the elements drawn from the darker side of punk, since their formation at the end of 2015, the band have previously released an EP, Drop, which was followed by a split release with fellow shire dwellers Brine. Throughout 2017 Plastic have been steadily releasing singles from the album in support of a relentless tour schedule, one that has steadily been building towards the release of their debut album, Here There Is No Gravity, on March 9th 2018 via Sweet Low Records

The first track Flossing is an agonised howl of rage, this is followed by the come down of Melt, Here There Is No Gravity continues to ebb and flow but as Plastic have released a full length that deals with substance abuse it’s not surprising that this is an album of highs and lows. But when the highs come they can be dizzying, Wool, that was called Foo Fighters on my advance download with good reason, is as good a breakneck slice of alt rock as you’ll hear, and Skin Is Peeling, listed as Deja WHO on the advance copy, is a raging slab of hardcore, these sit amongst amongst moments of grace and rage, including the ten minute epic Sweet Low.

The high’s on this album recall the finest elements of grunge and will appeal to fans of the likes of Culture Abuse, early Foo Fighters and the usual grunge suspects, but as with anything to do with drug abuse, as opposed to use as there is a world of difference, there are moments when the album dwells on introspection and self indulgence and at times it can make Here There Is No Gravity an uncomfortable and difficult listen.

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