Album Review: Resonance Cascade / Järnbörd – Hyperakusi

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Resonance Cascade / Järnbörd

Hyperakusi - WOOAAARGH / Downfall Records

Hyperakusi, a Swedish word that translates as hypersensitivity to everyday sounds, is a split album with a distinctly European feel to it, it is a meeting of German record labels, WOOAAARGH and Downfall Records, that boasts an intense combination of two Swedish grind bands, Resonance Cascade and JärnbördJärnbörd combine their version of filthy grindcore with tight uncompromising d-beat, while Resonance Cascade have a crushing old school grindcore sound with whirlwind drumming and a harsh guitar tone, from the outset it’s clear that this is not an album that was made for the faint hearted.

Järnbörd formed in the summer of 2012 under the name of Den Mänskliga Faktorn, which translates as The Human Factor, in 2015 the band adopted the moniker of Järnbörd after discovering another band with the same name, that is the only change the band made, the continued to play their trademark tough intense brand of grindpunk, the press release informs me that the lyrics are in Swedish and they deal with issues of enduring and maintaining your sense in an idiotic world, although I’ll have to take their word for that as my language skills don’t extend to Swedish. Malmö’s Resonance Cascade were formed in the same year as Järnbörd with a stated goal to play raw and simple, but effective, grindcore, which is a goal the band have clearly achieved on the evidence of their side of this split album.

This is an album that is exactly as you’d expect if you’re at all familiar with grindcore, between the two bands there are sixteen tracks, that are delivered in an intense whirlwind of manic drums, downtuned grinding guitars and guttural vocals that make this easily the most intense album I’ve encountered this year, and it’s one that bears all the hallmarks of the forefathers of this genre. If you’re a fan of the extreme end of hardcore, or already have a love for grindcore acts such as Napalm Death, Insect Warfare and Brutal Truth then this will be an album you’ll happily add to your collection, personally I always find bands like this are best experienced live, but if you’re looking for something that’s an incredibly intense and aggressive listen then the twin attack of Resonance Cascade and Järnbörd will have you covered.

Hyperakusi can be ordered from Downfall Records here