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Suggested Friends

Turtle Taxi - Fika Recordings / Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records

Suggested Friends formed in late 2015 following a chance meeting at a gig between drummer Christabel Williams and front woman and guitarist Faith Taylor, the duo were soon joined by Jack McGinn on guitar and more recently Mammoth Penguins‘ bassist Emma Kupa was welcomed into the fold, now the quartet are set to release their sophomore album “Turtle Taxi” via Fika Recordings in Europe and through Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records in the US. A gentle squeal of feedback builds up and breaks out into “Imminent“, a song that possess a laid back punk intensity and is delivered with with a polished veneer of 80s indie. The album then gently and continually shifts in it’s influences over the album’s ten tracks, from the indie rock of “Cygnets”  through the ragged indie punk of “G.N.A.“, to the laid back indie pop of “At Ease” and “Bloom“, all of which bring something different to the smorgasbord of “Turtle Taxi“.

Whilst the dominant style on each track shifts other influences are constantly brought to bear and thrown into the mix, tracks such as the subtle yet savage political hit of “Pretty Soon Your Grave Will Be A Landfill” and “The Apocalypse (It’s Just A Day Away)” being prime examples, Pat Benatar-esque riffs are teamed up with unlikely allies such as sparking keyboards, horns and and a shimmering vocal delivery, whilst this may sound like an unlikely combination the whole is certainly greater than the sum of it’s disparate elements. Suggested Friends have a delivered a melodic album that includes more flavours than upmarket ice cream parlour, DIY punk, emo, country, twee-pop, indie rock, folk and even posturing 80’s rock are all present in a sound that is underpinned by a firm grounding in queer identity and political awareness.

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Turtle Taxi” can be pre-ordered here (EU) and here (US)