Album Review: The Blue Carpet Band – Rock And Roll Carpet: Relaid

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The Blue Carpet Band

Rock And Roll Carpet: Relaid - Flicknife Records

The Blue Carpet Band are a North London based powerhouse five piece garage band, whose unusual moniker is taken from the colour of the flooring in their London rehearsal space, and they play dirty high energy rock ‘n roll. They take their lead from classic blues-rock proponents such as The Yardbirds and early Rolling Stones, but they mix it up with the energy of New York punk and the hellraising attitude of the late sixties proto punk pioneers. Now The Blue Carpet Band are set to unleash the re-mastered and expanded version of their debut album, Rock And Roll Carpet, that has been lovingly relaid by Flicknife Records.

From the album’s title track onwards you know that you’re in for a high octane dose of rock and roll that channels the rebellious spirit of the MC5 and the original pioneers of rock ‘n roll, Rock And Roll Carpet: Relaid is the recommended for anyone who loves the original proto punks that took rock ‘n roll and shook it by the neck, as well as the likes of The Jim Jones Revue, The Two Tens, Nosebleed or Fuzzy Vox. Rock And Roll Carpet: Relaid is is a pure dose of rock ‘n roll where everything is delivered at full tilt, there are no moments on the album when the intensity drops, which for me is exactly how rock ‘n roll should be.

The re-mastered version of Rock And Roll Carpet: Relaid contains two additional tracks, My Jacket (Is Better Than Your Jacket) and I Love The City that weren’t included on the original release of the album, and these are in no way throwaway extras, they belong firmly amongst the original nine cuts. The release of their stunning expanded debut album will be supported with a massive tour, including eight dates with the famed Mamapalooza Tour, then they are off to Europe including France, Germany, Belgium and Holland, and as good as their debut album is, The Blue Carpet Band‘s reputation as a live act precedes them and makes them a must see on this years tour and festival schedule.

Rock and Roll Carpet: Relaid can be ordered via Amazon Music here, Flicknife Records here, iTunes here and Spotify here
The Blue Carpet Band‘s website can be found here