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The Cutthroat Brothers

The Cutthroat Brothers - Digital Warfare Records

Digital Warfare Records will release the debut album by newly formed garage punk duo The Cutthroat Brothers on CD and digital formats on Friday October 5th, 2018, that evening the band will celebrate their album release in Seattle at El Corazon with The Real McKenzies and Kids On Fire plus guests. This duo of real-life barbers, Jason Cutthroat and Zeke‘s Donny Paycheck, are the Sweeney Todd’s of Punk, they formed the band in February of this year and by March they had already recorded their album with long time Paycheck and Zeke collaborator and producetion legend Jack Endino

Kill 4 U opens up the The Cutthroat Brothers blood spattered debut album with a fuzzed out garage riff that carries a brooding menace, a theme that carries through all eight tracks as the second cut, Skeleton, proves as it continues the horror theme that pervades the band’s primal sound. The band’s self titled anthem ups the sinister element of their and brings a touch of dark rock ‘n roll into the mix with the lyrics delivered in a sinister croon, but for the most part this is a primitive album of garage punk that contains eight tracks of blood drenched sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.

The Cutthroat Brothers have delivered a debut album that will appeal to devotees of everyone from The Cramps and Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons to Rocket From The Crypt and Nick Oliveri era Queens Of The Stone Age, as well as fans of the early recordings by The Misfits and Dwarves. The Cutthroat Brothers debut release is an album for lovers of the dark side of rock ‘n roll, the vocals are delivered in a dark croon that is accompanied by a primal drum beat and fuzzed up guitars that beckon you inside, but if I was you I’d pass on any offers of a shave or a haircut from the blood spattered duo.

The Cutthroat Brothers self titled debut can be purchased via Digital Warfare Records here

The Cutthroat Brothers website can be found here