Album Review: The Dead Krazukies – Icarus

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The Dead Krazukies

Icarus - Sound Speed Records / SBAM Records / Punk & Disorderly Records

Straight outta Hossegor are the French skate, or possibly surf given their home town, punk outfit The Dead Krazukies who are set to release their sophomore album “Icarus” tomorrow, Friday November 20th in case you’ve found this way after it was published, via Sound Speed Records, SBAM Records and Punk & Disorderly Records. I have to admit that prior to hearing the impressive ‘Burn Out‘ single, and checking out the Falling Down-esque video, I had not encountered The Dead Krazukies, but ever since that short sharp introduction I have been looking forward to spinning “Icarus“, so the question is can they meet the expectations set by that impressive single and video? 

The thunderous bass intro to ‘Black Pearl‘ gives you the feeling the short answer is going to be yes, this is break neck anthemic punk rock done just as it oughta be, gang vocals abound alongside woahs aplenty, this is backed up by a full on guitar assault and is topped off by an impressive melodic yet rasping vocal delivery. To prove they are no one trick pony this is followed by ‘If Everything Falls‘, a track that brings the pace down very slightly but keeps all the qualities of the impressive opening blast intact. Of course ‘Burn Out‘ is one of the album’s highlights, an anthem for those who’ve hit the fuck it button, and there will be a few of those moments for many of us, this year more than any other. To avoid burn out there are moments that shift away from their core sound, the furious hardcore of ‘Short Song For Old People‘, the comparatively mellow and (almost) radio friendly ‘Perfect Strangers‘ and the unexpected spaghetti western infused ‘El Diablo‘ provide contrast, but slot perfectly into an album that has exceeded the expectations raised by ‘Burn Out‘. 

The Dead Krazukies sophomore album is an unrelenting blast of punk rock that carries the influence of that classic EpiFat sound and is delivered with a gallic flair that throws that illusive X factor into the mix. “Icarus” follows up, and builds on, 2016’s “The Northern Belle” and delivers twelve flawless hits of raw melodic hooky punk rock in a round forty minutes, their new full length flashes past and has you hitting play again once the final chords of the superb closing track ‘Supernova‘ fade out. As I sit in my kitchen typing this on a cold, damp and slightly hungover Sunday morning the neighbours are probably confused as to why I’m throwing fists into their air and bouncing round holding slightly confused cats, maybe I should I turn it up louder, in fact I will, as “Icarus” is quite simply one of the best albums I’ve heard this year

 “Icarus” can now be pre-ordered via Bandcamp, Punk & Disorderly Records, SBÄM Records and Sound Speed Records.