Album Review: The Derelicts – Life Of Strife

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The Derelicts

Life Of Strife - Digital Warfare Records

For those of you wondering whether this is the same band from way back or this is a release from a bucnh of upstarts that have laid claim to the name, yes this is The Derelicts, the legendary Seattle band have been resurrected to record their first new material in a quarter of a century, this fifteen track return lies somewhere between a best of and a fresh new album as it features a handful of new tracks along with a healthy serving of the material that graced their previous single releases. It would surprising if after this length of time the original line up was in place, but they have retained the original core of the band, Duane Bodenheimer and Neil Rogers, who have been joined by Jason Freeman on bass and Donny Paycheck (Zeke, The Cutthroat Brothers) on drums. 

The Derelicts were never a band to follow fashion, whilst most of Seattle was embracing grunge The Derelicts ploughed their own chaotic path, leaving their mark of many who witnessed them, including Gas Huffer‘s Tim Price and Mudhoney‘s Mark Arm who have both cited the band as a influence. Some punk bands mellow with age and adopt a wider range of influences, if that was an option for The Derelicts no one told them, this is an album that crams fifteen brutal breakneck hardcore punk songs into 27 minutes. The Derelicts have delivered an album that carries the spirt of the likes of the early punk pioneers such as the Dead Boys, GBH and Poison idea along with later contemporaries Dwarves, Zeke and The Supersuckers.

Life Of Strife is an appropriate title given the toll their original five year existence took on the band, but now The Derelicts are back and they seem to have picked up where they left off as their latest full length carries the same spirit and intensity as they had back in the day. This may seem like a bold claim but I would challenge anyone who wasn’t intimately familiar with band to listen to Life Of Strife and identify which are the new songs and which were written back in their heyday. 

The Derelicts website is here and they can also be found on Facebook and Instagram

The Digital Warfare Records website can be found here