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The Mons

Trust No One - Triple Eye Industries

Chicago has always been a city that has been at the forefront of the American punk rock scene, and the five members of The Mons have been there for the better part of it. The Mons are comprised of ex-members of bands such as Apocalypse Hoboken, The Arrivals, The Mashers and Lynyrd’s Innards, and they are now set to release their sophomore album, Trust No One, that follows on from their 2015 debut album In The Original It’s Red, on the 20th October via Triple Eye Industries.
Trust No One melds Dead Kennedys intensity with Black Flag‘s attack and Adolescents drive to create a hybrid that has a distinctly old school feel, almost every track flashes past in an instant before the next one kicks in at full throttle. The lead single Alarm Clock captures the spirit of early 80’s hardcore perfectly and my other personal highlights from Trust No One include the tracks Silent Majority and Party Down, these are sandwiched between the constant barrage of short hardcore blasts and intense old school punk riffs that populate the fifteen track album.
The Mons have released an album that manages the recreate the intensity of the early American hardcore scene, the album also embraces a few metallic and later punk rock influences along the way, and as you’d expect from that decription this album is a little on the short side as all fifteen tracks are done and dusted in just over twenty minutes. Trust No One is something of a throwback, had this album been released in the early eighties it would be hailed as a classic, but it’s 2017 and enjoyable as Trust No One is this is an album that brings nothing new to the party, but whilst it’s not an original release this is a fast, furious and intense album that briefly resurrects the ghost of punk’s past.
Trust No One can be pre-ordered on vinyl and digital formats via Triple Eye Industries here