Album Review: The Pearl Harts – Glitter And Spit

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The Pearl Harts

Glitter And Spit - Double Bang Records

With less than a handful of releases under their belt The Pearl Harts have already made a name for themselves with their wild attitude, DIY spirit and incredible live shows, the band’s raw energy and intense delivery has won them fans across the UK and Europe. Now with the help of funding from the Help Musicians Emerging Artists Fund and a highly successful Pledge Music campaign the band are set to release their first full-length release, Glitter and Spit, via their own Double Bang Records imprint on the 23rd February 2018.
The opening track, Black Blood, hits you with a menacing dirty guitar riff that’s accompanied by vocals that convey a distinct attitude problem, Go Hard follows it up with a piledriving dark and dirty hit, this style dominates the album and marks Glitter And Spit out as an album that at it’s core carries the weight of the seventies proto metal bands that’s delivered with a punk attitude. There are exceptions to the rule, Lost In Time and Hurt offer some respite from pummelling guitar riffs, and my personal highlight from Glitter And Spit, Hit The Bottle, ups the ante and brings a punkier fuzzed up element to the album whilst Living’s Done harks back to the dawn of the grunge scene.
You can hear a variety of influences across Glitter And Spit, the likes of The Distillers, Black Sabbath, L7 and The White Stripes sit at the core of The Pearl Harts debut album, and with Glitter And Spit they’ve certainly created a memorable debut that acts as a serious statement of intent. The almost constantly present heavyweight guitar riffs are served up via a wide range of styles and influences, this combination along with the raw dual female vocals has created a unique and innovative barrage of sound that marks The Pearl Harts out as one to watch in 2018.
Glitter And Spit can be pre-ordered on CD, vinyl and digital formats here
The Pearl Harts website can be found here