Album Review: The Reaganomics – The Aging Punk

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The Reaganomics

The Aging Punk - Red Scare Industries

The Reaganomicshave been kicking around the Red Scare Industries roster for about a decade and they only return when they feel there’s a need to mock the far right and ladder-climbing scenester punks, and let’s be honest their reappearance has been long overdue on both of these fronts. Like many people at this time of year they left things to the last minute and they released their latest album “The Aging Punk” whilst everyone was furiously veering between gluttony, sleeping, panic buying, drinking and generally feeling like a used bagpipe full of gravy, alcohol and chocolate.

The Aging Punk” combines humour that is blended with an equally brutal soundtrack, but this is no throwback to the likes of DRI, who, a long time ago, wrote a song that the band may or may nor have taken their moniker from, this is old school driven punk rock crossed with hard edged thrash punk. “The Ageing Punk” has a self deprecating quality that gives you the feeling that The Reaganomics are a band that offer temporary sanctuary, rather than a permanent solution, to the current political climate. For me it’s always a good sign that a band doesn’t take themselves too seriously, something that The Reaganomics can’t be accused of, and if nothing else “Don’t Be An Asshole” is about as sound a piece of advice as you can be given

Musically The Reaganomics are closely aligned to The Cobra Skulls and Guttermouth with hints of the likes of Propagandhi, NOFX and The Vandals creeping into the mix, this is a solid thirteen tracks of irreverent punk rock that ran the risk of lost amongst the wrapping paper, turkey bones, used batteries, the chocolates no one likes and the general flotsam and jetsam of the festive season, this would be a shame as this is exactly the album you need to, at least temporarily, drown out the last few hours of 2019. It’s unlikely that you will ever see The Reaganomics on tour, so the “The Aging Punk” is the only exposure to the band’s new material that those outside of Chicago will get and, especially for those of us who are now of a certain age, this is an album that will make you smile in spite of pretty much everything.

The Aging Punk” can be streamed and purchased here and the video for ‘Grown Ass Man‘ can be viewed below