Album Review: Walter Etc. – Gloom Cruise

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Walter Etc.

Gloom Cruise - Lame-O Records / Lauren Records / Making New Enemies

Walter Etc, formerly known as Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra, have been one of the embodiments of the West Coast DIY scene ever since their first release back in 2009, now the band are set to release their their first album, Gloom Cruise, under their new moniker. Gloom Cruise is set to be released on August 25th via the impressive trio of independent labels Lame-O Records, Lauren Records and Making New Enemies

Gloom Cruise is an album that is informed by the events that have preoccupied Dustin Hayes, aka Walter, since his original band came to an end, mainly a close friend’s drug addiction, and subsequent recovery, and Dustin’s own struggles with mental health. Gloom Cruise opens with a haunting introduction that gives way to sixties influenced piece of indie pop that brings to mind a laid back influence from The Libertines, this abruptly gives way to the heavier distorted strains of the album’s lead single, Stumptown Summer Heartthrob. Gloom Cruise is an album that continues to veer across styles, incorporating garage and sixties pop into an idiosyncratic blend, all the while maintaining an offbeat indie sensibility. 

There are mellow acoustic sections that sit amongst the indie stylings, and the occasional outbreak of distortion that makes Gloom Cruise is a downbeat yet strangely summery album, and it’s one that I feel will appeal to fans of the more leftfield side of the indie scene. Gloom Cruise is an album that represents both a continuation, and a step away from, the band’s previous recordings as Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra, but it’s one that will satisfy Walter Etc‘s loyal following that have been patiently waiting for this release.

Pre-orders for Gloom Cruise are available now on vinyl via Lame-O Records here and Lauren Records here

The limited edition cassette of Gloom Cruise is available via Making New Enemies here.