Album Review: We Outspoken – State Of The Art

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We Outspoken

State Of The Art - Cyber Tracks

Very occasionally, and if you’re not a lazy ass reliant on shuffle play, you’ll come across an album that grabs you in from the first chord and then proceeds to get better and better. Constructing an album as a serial piece of work with a natural ebb and flow and its own dynamics as a whole 45 minutes is a dying art in these days of pick n mix music. A great album is like a rollercoaster, with excitement and anticipation as you are pulled to the peaks before rushing down again headlong. On the evidence of State Of The Art, Toronto four-piece We Outspoken have this art down. But you have to have the songs in the first place because the whole structure cannot be supported on filler. It is fair to say that every song on this album is terrific: chock full of superlative hooks and melody. It also sounds fantastic. Ten tracks were co-produced, mixed and mastered by Justin Bonfini and three tracks were co-produced and mixed by Anton Delost (Seaway, Bearings, Living with Lions) and mastered by John Naclerio. For Now was co-written and co-produced by Tom Thacker of Gob and Sum 41.

To single out specific tracks from this album is pointless. After a few spins, and if you twisted my arm, I’d point you towards the single Break Away and Time Stands Still as personal favourites but there genuinely is no filler on this album and with its almost perfect mix of driving pop-punk future mosh pit favourites seasoned with an occasional ballad, it’s an album with something for every mood.

State Of The Art is released by LA-based Cyber Tracks, the label owned and operated by NOFX‘s Aaron Abeyta and his wife Jen, on June 14th. We Outspoken will be touring to support the album throughout 2019.

The Cyber Tracks website can be found here