Album Review: West Thebarton – Different Beings Being Different

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West Thebarton

Different Beings Being Different - Domestic La La Records

Australian septet West Thebarton, who recently shortened their name from West Thebarton Brothel Party, are set to release their debut album, Different Beings Being Different, via Domestic La La Records on the 18th May. Led by their gravel voiced frontman Reverend Ray, West Thebarton have spent the past few years honing razor sharp riffs and sticking them soundly to seriously tight melodic tones. Their first full length comes in the wake of building a solid following in their homeland, including two appearances at the Bigsound Festival, and their debut full length indicates that the future looks bright for the Aussie seven piece.

Moving Out is a serious opening statement, raw vocals and screeching guitars are carried along on a thunderous beat, the full tilt rock ‘n roll is carried throughout the whole of Different Beings Being Different in a headonistic celebration of excess in all areas. There isn’t any filler anywhere on West Thebarton‘s debut, moments like the charged Stuck On You, the raw garage punk of Basics and the driven On The Hill are as good as anything I’ve heard so far this year. One of the tracks on Different Beings Being Different asks Do You Believe? and after being exposed to West Thebarton‘s eleven track debut there is only one possible answer to that question.

West Thebarton are impossible to pin down, at their core they are rock band, but the whole mix is so frantic, unhinged and unique that this is a release that you just can’t pigeonhole, a punk attitude is an ever present as are elements of garage rock and grunge, with the whole package being recklessly driven along by thundering bass lines and relentless rock solid drum beats. This is a seven headed garage rock hybrid that encomapasses the sound pioneered by fellow antipodeans AC/DC, The Lime Spiders and The Living End that is filtered through a transatlantic lens via Culture Abuse, The Butthole Surfers and The Bronx

Different Beings Being Different can be pre-ordered via Domestic La La Records here