Album Review: Woven In Hiatus – Anatomical Heart

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Woven In Hiatus

Anatomical Heart - InVogue Records

After forming in the latter stages 2015 Boston’s Woven In Hiatus have  certainly hit the ground running, in the first year of their existence they’ve released their debut EP, Roam, signed with InVogue Records, and recorded and released their debut full length release. The album includes guest appearances by label mates Dependence and September Stories, and it features ten flawlessly produced and delicately arranged acoustic compositions that span the indie genre.

Anatomical Heart opens with the upbeat acoustic strains of Scarlet, after this the album takes you on acoustic rollercoaster of styles and emotions, from delicate and heartfelt tracks, such as Bedframe and Ordinary People, through songs that have an almost country twang in the guitars, though you should think more Johnny Cash rather than Billy Ray Cyrus, and the stark and downbeat, all the while Woven In Hiatus maintain the dreamlike and ethereal quality that permeates their songwriting. Anatomical Heart isn’t something that would feature regularly on my playlist, but this is an album that will be sought out and played whenever the mood is right.

Woven In Hiatus is an acoustic quartet that have crafted and impressive debut album in Anatomical Heart, it incorporates indie, shoegaze and the poppier side of the punk world, the subject matter can be dark and emotive but this is nicely juxtaposed against the intricate and beautifully produced acoustic arrangements. Anatomical Heart is an album for those mellow hazy moments late at night, despite the subject matter of much of the album I found this to be a warm and comforting release. This is an album that will suit those nights that have ended up being on the cusp of easing into being an early morning, we all have those nights and Anatomical Heart would be the perfect soundtrack for those occasions.

Anatomical Heart can be ordered via InVogue Records here