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Yur Mum

Road Rage - Flicknife Records

Yur Mum are a DIY alternative rock band from London that deliver their own brand of ‘rage rock’ that’s a blend of anything that’s loud, noisy and comes from the heart, and as any fan of Bill Hicks knows this is the most important thing about a band. Yur Mum will also be touring in support of Road Rage throughout 2018, which includes eight dates on the impressive Mamapalooza Tour that features some of the best underground acts in the UK at the moment, including Yur Mum‘s Flicknife Records label mates The Blue Carpet Band.

The Radio 4 style introduction with it’s clipped tones provides a unexpected opening to Road Rage that encourages you to listen to Yur Mum, the album starts in earnest with Maybe, a track that sets the tone for the album as it carries elements of classic rock, alternative and grunge that’s all delivered with a DIY punk attitude. Much of the album carries a brooding intensity and menace that slowly builds up in intensity across the tracks, whilst there are obvious comparison to the likes of L7 and Vukovi this doesn’t really do Yur Mum justice, as this is a band that have carved their own unique niche in the alternative scene.

Yur Mum are a unique hybrid of styles, the structures of the songs owes much to the classic heavyweights of early to mid seventies rock, but they stray away from the traditional path as Road Rage encompasses a broad range of alternative music and it’s all delivered with a snarling punk attitude. What Road Rage proves without a doubt is that there is no one out there at the moment quite like Yur Mum, the international trio that comprise the band have produced an album that embraces the roots of rock, punk and the alternative scene like no one else, and as you were advised at the start of Road Rage, you really should listen to Yur Mum.

The Flicknife Records website is located here and Road Rage can be pre-ordered via Amazon here

Yur Mum‘s website can be found here