Ättestor / Zero Again – The A to Z Of Ignorance, Indifference & Idiocy

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Ättestor / Zero Again

The A to Z of Ignorance, Indifference & Idiocy - TNSrecords / Dead Invoice Records / DIY Kolo / Carabrecol

TNSrecords, in collaboration with Dead Invoice Records (UK), DIY Kolo (Poland) and Carabrecol (Spain), are back again with a 7” split EP of two bands from the UK bringing the baseball bats and tire irons to the protest, The A to Z of Ignorance, Indifference & Idiocy featuring Ättestor and Zero Again. This is the type of punk that is right up my alley: Riot inducing political punk. Both recordings have that reverb soaked, we are in a big room trying to start a big uprising sound. Very reminiscent and capturing of the great UK 80’s bands like Broken Bones, Conflict, Discharge and on. For me, a lot of punk can be broken down into two types of recordings: A) That stripped down, no reverb. no fx, real tight sound like a D.R.I., Descendents, Blasting Room (Bill Stevenson from Descendents studio), Ramones or many Dischord records. B) That big reverb laden, everything sounds big, like in a club when no one is yet there. The Brits did/do this sound especially well. I even bought a $400 British Aston microphone to try and replicate this sound in my own studio.

Attestor’s track Talk starts the split 7” EP out with a sick drum intro. Some very catchy vocals (that I need to be louder) and a tempo changing skank along part that all comes quick. This song strikes fast. 43 seconds of a pure punk bludgeoning by way of Brighton’s D-beat blasters. This band sounds like what I thought they would and it’s glorious. Fist in the air, anthemic and vital. Blackout comes again with that huge sound from above. This song incorporates huge open guitar chords with amazing tone that makes it all sound so epic. After a couple of listens I was able to decipher the lyrics. I need my politically and socially relevant lyrics loud AF. I can just see the vocalist leering at the crowd intently belting this out. This is a rant against social media content filling your brain. We need a Blackout from all of it. Get off your device people! I whole-heartedly agree and even disabled my Facebook account recently. The song The Void is the next offering. Attestor definitely titles their songs to match the content. Quick and to the point these songs hit fast and hit early. This song has a great change in the tempo to help get your skank on. It’s led on by the slightly distorted and dirty bass sound. The riff changes in this song are just really cool. Attestor are like the Art of War of riot music. They know exactly how they are going to strike and they do it with blazing speed, focus and accuracy. Get in, do the damage and get out before they even see you coming. Like a masked teen throwing a brick through the window of a fascist corporation. Then poof they’re gone.

Zero Again play fast and pissed in the vein of the classic political punk bands. However the track Damaged Goods slows and dooms things down a bit with a brooding evil opening. A great guitar riff leads into vocals that take on a more industrial tone almost in the Killing Joke and then the Al Jourgensen/Ministry sense. After a couple of listens I am still having trouble understanding the lyrics. Is it about business scoundrels committing white collar crimes? I don’t know but when the line “I’m regulating outside the law” is delivered I do know I want to crush something! It’s incredibly crunchy, catchy and I want to listen to it again and again for inspirations in anger. The bad-ass bass from Bristol rumbles into a ferocious fast part that is led in by an insane drum roll on the snare. Unleash that shit! Rebar to the face motherfucker! The track Passing Ritual is fast and comes blazing out the gate with the bass pummeling the riff.  The drums and guitars are doing the classic stop hits that gear you up to go nuts. The bridge riff between the chorus and verses is tasty and crushing. It’s a great riff in the likes of R.K.L. (Rich  Kids on L.S.D.) or even Jimmy Page playing punk in 1982. The vocals sound great however after three or four listens I still can not make out what’s being said. I hope there’s a lyric sheet included!

I love the vibe of both recordings, however can this old guy get a +2db on the vocals for both recordings please? Maybe it’s my reference: Sony headphones or Klipsch speakers? Maybe I’m losing my mid-range hearing? With this EP TNSrecords once again prove they have the best ears in punk. In the promo pictures the packaging looks amazing for this tear gas inducing split 7” EP. This is a great modern day edition for your collection of classic ‘get ready for the riot records’.

The A to Z of Ignorance, Indifference & Idiocy will be released on the 16th September, the vinyl pressing is limited to 500 and is available to pre-order here.