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Authority Zero

The Tipping Point - Hardline Entertainment

Some things never change – like laughing at Seinfeld reruns, politicians lying through their teeth, and forty-hour workweeks.  And in the midst of a nearly twenty-year career, I’d like to add Arizona’s ­­­­Authority Zero to that list.  The punk rock trio has been operating under the radar for the better part of its career, steadily growing and refining their approach with each passing release.  But while the band’s presence in the underground has remained a constant, their level of performance has steadily risen.

Their sixth studio album, The Tipping Point, marks the work of a leader, not a follower – Authority Zero clearly ready to push out of the shadows.  They haven’t given up their defining Bad Religion, Pennywise, and Sublime overtones, but the trio now confidently synthesizes their tunes.  Look no further than opener “No Other Place” to find a shining example of iconic 90’s punk rock anthems that make you want to sing along with front man Jason DeVore.  Over a rich melodic backdrop paired with punchy gang vocals, DeVore leads the rally cry, belting loudly “there’s no place I’d rather be than right than right here with you standing right here beside me… there’s no other time I’d rather know, than here in this moment just watching it all explode.”  Reiterating the sentiment a track later in “Undivided,” The Tipping Point becomes a political playground passionate for change.

The Tipping Point also works in thanks to its knockout pacing.  Of course tracks like “Lift It Up” round out their roots with a hint of up-tone pop-punk.  The song’s verse offers upbeat, jumpy lyrics with DeVore ignoring periods and punctuation outside of the song’s musically buoyant chorus.  Don’t expect anything terribly profound, but do be prepared for a catchy dose of energy.  And then there’s the token reggae tunes.  “Struggle” and “Today We Heard The News” fall into a casual groove with a fun upstroke.  With the right dosage of sunny acoustic rhythms and the occasional trumpet burst, the band feels in their element.

With Authority Zero continuing their ascent, The Tipping Point naturally unfolds as a warm and familiar punk rock romp.  DeVore and the crew have never been terribly innovative, but their minor tweaks and refinements to a consistent style have resulted in the album that listeners want and expect.  Had this album dropped twenty years ago it might have slipped through the cracks, but with so few bands playing this style in the present day, Authority Zero capitalizes on an audience hungry for their favourite meal.