Boys Night Out – Self-Titled

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Boys Night Out

Self-Titled - Ferret Music

It has been a while since I’ve listened to this band; a few years ago I would go so far as to say that I liked them. I’ve seen them play a couple times, and I’ve heard and enjoyed most of the songs on their debut album, or at least what I think is the debut); You Make Us Sick. But it was short lived, after a couple of months of enjoying this kind of music, I attended one of the bigger Edmonton hardcore music festivals (Yesterday Was Everything) and was swept away by the likes of With Honor, Comeback Kid, The Warriors, and Misery Signals. My days of liking this genre ended at some point in the following week when I laid my hands on each of the aforementioned bands releases. This brings me to what I’ve meant to say with this whole explanation, although I may have enjoyed this CD at some point in the past, this is simply not the reality of my current situation.

Boys Night Out is painfully poppy and although they’re definitely striving for originality, they may have just fallen short. For the most part, the songs are all fairly similar, I don’t know if nothing is standing out because I’m just not enjoying myself or if the whole album is really just 11 songs repeated with different lyrics. But I could have sworn that I’ve heard a hundred songs that sound just like this from a hundred other bands. I suppose everyone wants to make some money at some point in there life and I have a sneaking suspicion that no matter what this album sounds like, it will still sell a lot of copies. Merely because this is Boys Night Out, whom I assume has a large following due to the fact that every kid who’s tired of rap, classic rock and country wants to jump on this trend. Good news for those kids though, this CD will probably be exactly what you want to hear, that obnoxiously bitchy singing (probably what I despised most) and music written almost entirely to complement the vocals. I was relieved to see that the guitarist wasn’t just playing a couple notes for every song, there was actually some technicality and musical skill involved (kudos to him for having talent).

I don’t think it really matters what I suggest when it comes to this band, I doubt any fan of Boys Night Out will heed it. But here it goes, buy this if you’re into the whole My Chemical Romance/Panic At The Disco! thing, it runs in the same vein (I’m not actually how accurate that is being that I don’t listen to MCR or Panic at the Disco!, it all sounds the same to me). But if you like lots of the bands on Ferret and you’re hoping that this will be another decent release by them, think again! I’m not even really sure where I’m going with this, don’t buy this album because I don’t like it, therefore you shouldn’t. The End.