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Broadway Calls

Broadway Calls

Coming After You! - Red Scare Industries

Broadway Calls eased themselves back into business last year after a long gap since their last full length, 2020’s Sad In The City, but they have certainly hit 2024 running with their new EP, the four track Coming After You!, that hoovers up their 2023 single and split releases along with a brand new track. The EP preceded a lengthy tour of the deep South of the US with Teenage Bottlerocket and they are following that up with a brace of Spring headline shows.

Broadway Calls

First up is the EP’s fresh outta the box title track that hits all the right notes with a chugging riff that blows away a few years worth of cobwebs, Coming After You shows that they’ve lost none of their punks chops with a track that spans the gap between pop punk and punk rock. Next up is the 2023 single A Little Shake, that brings their poppier punk side to the fore and keeps the beat flowing with a slightly wistful ditty. Dead Before I Hit The Ground, that originally appeared on the split single with Countdown To Life, shows their darker side, but as ever their poppy punk overtones are present. For me the best is saved until last with Dreamin’, the b-side from A Little Shake, that strikes a deliciously melodic and melancholy tone.

With the Coming After You! EP Broadway Calls have released an EP that shows the differing facets of the band in a succinct and compact four tracks, plus you get a machine gun toting mom on the front cover! Based on the material present on their recent release, and given their energetic start to the year, we can only hope there is more in the pipeline from these Oregon lumber punks. Coming After You! is available via Red Scare Industries on 7″ coloured vinyl as well as via Bandcamp and the usual digital suspects.