Bullets and Octane – In The Mouth of the Young

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Bullets & Octane

In The Mouth Of The Young - RCA Records

Never before have one record caused me such confusion. As I sit listening as I type, all I can think about is how I like this cd, last time I gave it a listen, all I could think about is how much I hated it. Let it be known that this has been an ongoing process as well, every time I give this record a listen, my opinion seems to make a full swing. And it is not like when the more you listen to it the more it grows on you, it is a random series of emotions ranging from, hmm I could listen to this on occasion, to the almighty, if I listen to one more second I swear to God my ears are going to vomit. So please forgive me if I sound contradictory as I write this review, because I know I am.

The cd starts off well with a song, which I can agree with every time I ‘ve tried to listen to this cd, that I enjoy. “Going Blind” delivers a fun introduction to this cd which leaves you intrigued and wanting to listen to more. Another song that stands out is “Save me Sorrow”, which is a little slower paced then the rest of this cd, thus giving a much relieved change in style what is truly needed in this cd. The last song that really stands out for me when I listen is “Last mistake”. It seems to carry a more pop-ish fun loving tune, compared to the generic rock tune that the rest of the cd seems to carry. Sadly, after these songs have finished I start to wonder if my cd player has somehow switched onto repeat .Checking the dial disproves such a thought; it dawns on me that perhaps in repeating the same tune the band is attempting some sort of metaphor to the Lassie movies: same story, different dog.

The rest of the cd leaves me more or less indifferent. All of the songs seem to follow the same generic rock style, and ultimately sound the same to me. I must give some credit in saying that not all of the songs sound exactly the same, giving that effect of not knowing when one song ends and the other begins, but all of the songs sound enough the same to create a longing to go and change the cd, because really, enough is enough. As you can probably 
tell, that feeling I had at the start of this review while I was giving this cd one final listen over has again changed from like, to contempt, to loathing.
I am not sure if it is just the final songs of this cd that make me want to stop listening, or if is just the fact that I do not enjoy this style of music enough to listen to a whole cd without having a head-ache.

Unless you enjoy listening to a dozen consecutive songs which pace back and forth across the same melody, you ought to avoid this cd as a purchase. Yet again, if you see this band in a compilation, do not let them dither you from buying it, as a whole, this cd is nothing special, but a few of their songs are definitely worth giving a listen to.