Call The Cops – Self-Titled

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Call The Cops

Self-Titled - MySpace Records

Call The Cops are trying far too hard to be cool. The perfectly coiffed hair, the black designs splashed with neon colours, the serious and brooding press pictures where they carefully leave the top button of their shirt undone.  They are a marketer’s wet dream made for the MySpace generation and that’s probably why MySpace Records signed the electro-pop five piece.

On their self-titled debut, Call The Cops merge together every element that is making its way up to the top forties chart. Tons of programming (annoyingly so), vocoders and autotuners, danceable beats with a steady backbone, melodic vocals with the occasional rap-like delivery (Room410) – Call The Cops are the merger of 3Oh!3 with The All-American RejectsThe Millionaires (particularly So Over You) and Breathe Caroline. Take a look down the track list of any of the modern Punk Goes compilations and pick a band, chances are Call The Cops sounds somewhat similar.

It’s really quite a generic onslaught on your ear drums – with the most aggravating elements being the high pitched vocal delivery and over abundance of programming and computer effects – so much so that I can’t in any way recommend this album to anyone. Yes, teenagers will love it and the new crop of Warped attendees will love seeing them at the festival this year; but there’s no substance. Still, I’d be lying if I said that Call The Cops weren’t catchy as hell because they are and I can’t deny it.

While I hate it, I find myself tapping my foot with the infectious beat. The rhythm pulsates through the speakers and if I was incredibly intoxicated, I could dance to this at a stupid nightclub. That’s what it’s made for. Its electro-pop with an emphasis on the electronics aspect and I, as a punk fan, can’t listen to this for pleasure. Maybe top-40 fans will be able to swallow it though; after all, that’s their target audience. To me, they’re just another band that has no place on the Warped Tour but somehow found a way onto it.