Cherry And Peesh – Don’t Make It Easy On Yourself

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Cherry & Peesh

Don't Make It Easy On Yourself - Self Released

Cherry & Peesh is a collaboration of two outstanding artists in their own right.  Cherry or Cherry B as she is known in her solo spoken word career, has worked with and along side some of the best known artist on the musical and spoken word circuit for years, people like John Cooper Clarke have graced the same stage as the lady herself.  Peesh on the other hand is a one man punk music machine, when he’s not on the road with Cherry, he’s doing solo gigs and playing his heart out with LoGOz, his music is a Wild Hearts style of Punk Rock.

Together since around 2017, this match somehow just exploded from the off, Peesh with his clever yet simple melodic riffs and Cherry with her simple yet clever words, have been almost the resident duo at Rebellion Festival for the past 5 years and have graced the stages of so many other festivals and venues across the land.  

But now comes the time we all get to hear why they have made their place in the history books of music/spoken word a matter of course.  The album ‘Don’t Make It Easy On Yourself’ is a collection of songs from over the 5 years they have performed together that have either not been recorded before or are newly written.

This album isn’t just a spoken word album, its not just a musical punk fest, its an album that show just how perfectly married together these genres can be, but it also gives both artists room to breath, a collaboration rather than just a meeting at the joints, songs and poems that at points blend so well together that your fully immersed in the moment and never find yourself questioning “is this working?”

The title track and somewhat potted history of the duo kicks us off, it says in so few verses, just how and why they are what they are, hard work and never doing things the easy way, a life lesson of sorts.  Following on from this ‘School Night Syndrome’ in a round about fashion covers a similar subject, get out there and do shit, don’t be held back by life and its difficulties, don’t get caught up in the modern TV staples, all wrapped up in Peesh’s wonderfully perfect melodic riffs.

Its when we get to track 4 ‘Richie Rehab’ that this album gets even more interesting that it already is, this song is framed perfectly by a stunningly dark yet outstandingly memorable guitar riff that’s played repeatedly in a somber way, a song that says never judge!, some people in society are shunned just for being the ones that have never really had that life chance, yes they deserve to be acknowledged and yes they most definitely are people who should be offered that hand of friendship and support by us all.  What comes to the fore in this particular collection of songs/poems is the sense of life, community and dealing with what the world throws at you, ‘Lady Kokaine’ is a beautiful reminder that we are not all perfect, that personas can hide what is really going on, does she care? Or does she not?, this song/story is so scarily sad at its core.

Seven in and still getting surprised as we go, ‘Society Anxiety’ steps into the world of politics and media, is this The Truman Show, am I being driven to madness!.  ‘Makeup & Medication’ also drives at society as it is in this modern world, wear the mask and dull the pain just to look the part, to be in the show, to be a player is the goal that drives society today.  Next up is the killer track ‘Thats Not Rock n Roll’ a dirty low down punk rock guitar led song which hits all the right buttons and sucker punches the haters in music.  Then we get a pure truth spitting moment that probably needs no explaining ‘Kick Out The Tories’ listen and believe is all I’ll say.

If your not sold on the whole Spoken Word/Punk rock thing, then let this album be a lesson to you, never judge and always open your mind and ears to what comes your way.  

The album will be available for all around the 1st August and if you’re a Rebellion goer, then its a place your bound to see or bump into both Cherry or Peesh.

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