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Cherry B

A Job Lot Of Rhymes - FlapJack Press

Bev Warner aka Cherry B has become a force to reckon with in the world of punk poetry, but this was not always the case. A lifetime of challenges that might have beaten down the majority of us, including the loss of a child, a divorce and a slog around venues to try and get her words out to those who appreciated them, despite of all this of this she even had her own condom selling business ‘Funky Dunky The Condom Co’, but the things that meant most to her apart from her two daughters, were the poems, the words that filled her head and needed to be out there having a life all of their own.

Although you if you met Bev you might think of her a strong and confident woman, this has only as explained within this book, been mostly over the past 5 or six years, since the loss of her father back in 2016, this gave her the spark to be out there doing what you want and “never being afraid to ask, because if you don’t, the answer will always be no” 

This book is a new beginning, a chance to show the world how social observations, politics and intimate personal pieces can all be spoken about in a way that only Cherry B can.  A collection that spans many years from the early days of awkwardness standing up in front of an audience for the first time, to being on stage at the biggest punk festival in the world and being asked back again and again, then on top of that forming a collaboration with fellow artist and music maestro Peesh, who is a man of many words himself, playing in bands like Junkster, LoGOz and also playing solo, with Peesh at her side now they have been performing around the country as Cheery & Peesh. Punk poetry set to music is their thing, and they do it so damn well.

Through the book, you can see the progression from straight up poems like the early ‘Innocence Of Television’ which questions “did we get corrupted and if so, who was to blame”, then there is MMM a brilliant observation of the realities of fast food.  Beyond this the book takes you on a journey of discovery, the very journey that Cherry B is on, how does music go with poetry, how can I live my life and never have regrets, where did “Cider For Breakfast” become acceptable? 

Aside from simply observing and listening, what this book shows us is a side to Cherry B that is not only a concerned soul, a person who lives to understand others and the why’s that they create, but it very gently touches on the caring and emotionally fragile Cherry B, we all fight demons, yet not all the battles can be won, ‘You Don’t Know How I Feel’ gave me a sense of knowing nothing is real unless you live it.

Poetry is the new Rock N Roll, long fucking live Rock N Roll!

Funny, tongue in cheek at times, full of moments that have you nodding, but most of all, a true account of life from someone who sees it and says it as it is.

Written By Cherry B and Illustrated by Fe Duncan

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