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Daddy Long Legs

Street Sermons - Yep Roc Records

So this time we are doing something a little different, never say that the Punk Site isn’t up for anything that comes our way and is worthy of a shout out. Daddy Long Legs is exactly that band, a Rhythm & Blues outfit who mix it up with some full on Rock n Roll that somehow fills in the gaps between the Likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Dr Feelgood, Gogol Bordello and even Sea Sick Steve just to name a few.

This is a street Rock n Roll band who have a 100% punk sensibility, songs that speak to the man on the street, songs that like opener and title track ‘Street Sermon’ speak of unity and people giving their heart and soul to each other, then ‘Nightmare’ which sees a world where humanity is killing itself and will we ever wake up to it, and what an ear worm of a song too, making a dark song feel fun is a great way to make you never forget the message by the way.

But what this album and band do so so very well is that kind of Chuck Berry thing that just draws you fully in to every note and word, they have you hanging right there on a hook,  like with ‘Rockin My Boogie’ that is as near as you will ever come to having a legend right there in your front room, then ‘You’ll Die Too’ slams the whole god damn musical world right down on your head, like a huge thunderbolt of energy just landed right there in your ears.

If you think all this is enough, then oh boy your so wrong, DLL do nothing by halves that’s for sure, and this album is no exception, we go from songs of humanitarian values to the beautiful songs of life and love, ‘Been A Fool Once’ is just sublime in its driven beat and its exquisite melody which covers a song of heartbreak and learning, the guitar licks along will have you reaching for the sky.  Then they hit you with the atmospheric Spaghetti Western esque ‘Silver Satin’ with its enchanting harmonica solo’s that hang over the top of a dangerous shotgun guitar.

From start to finish of this their fourth album, you will only ever be either singing along, tapping your feet/head or entire body to an experience you’ll most certainly never forget.

‘Star’ is a song that I believe speaks of hearing your first ever love in music a moment when legends are made and the aspiration to get there is overwhelming, but for me this song sums up this album “it shines way up high in the sky like a diamond” 

If you love your music edgy and darn right fucking scarily brilliant, then BOOM! You found it right here.    

Out on March 17th via Yep Roc Records

To immerse yourself in everything Daddy Long Legs head on over to their brilliant WEBSITE