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Dan Vapid & The Cheats Welcome To Dystopia

Dan Vapid & The Cheats

Welcome To Dystopia - Eccentric Pop Records

Less than twelve months ago Dan Vapid & The Cheats released Escape Velocity, an album that went onto become The Punk Site’s favourite album of 2021, now just ten months later we get the appropriately title Welcome To Dystopia. Dan Vapid has always been prolific, whether that be with Screeching Weasel, The Riverdales, The Methadones, Noise By Numbers, The Vindictives, SludgeworthThe Bomb or any of the other numerous bands he has recorded or played with, but two albums in ten months? that’s 29 new songs, maybe it’s habit, maybe it’s post lockdown fever or maybe it’s the ever spiralling descent into dystopia that has inspired this rapid fire release schedule, but it’s a more than welcome burst of energy regardless.

Given that we’ve been living in a truly fucked up version of The Twilight Zone for a while now, Welcome To Dystopia is an appropriate album title, and it’s quite possibly the album we all need right now. By this point Dan Vapid is not going to rewrite the rule book and it’s no surprise that this is a masterclass in the power pop punk ’n roll style that Vapid has made his own, no frills, no unnecessary filler, just straight heartfelt four on the floor punk rock that covers all of the “highlights” of the last few years; a virulent pandemic, the rise of malignant narcissism and conspiracy theorists, isolation and just how completely batshit social media has become. Cheerful stuff, yet in Vapid’s capable hands the album is more of an optimistic burst of high energy rock ’n roll, one that’s more inspiration than depression.

This is the spirit of The Beatles Hamburg years filtered through the Ramones, it’s pure rock ’n roll delivered with the laid back energy that Dan Vapid’s songwriting somehow manages to possess. If you love any of Dan Vapid’s previous bands then this is for you, if you love old school US punk rock, then this is for you, if you love high energy pop punk and power pop, then this is for you, if you love melodic punk rock of any description, then this is for you. I can’t imagine not liking anything on this album for any reason. The best thing I’ve heard since, well it’s him again isn’t it. This is the best things I’ve heard since Dan Vapid And The CheatsEscape Velocity, which means that Welcome To Dystopia is a clear frontrunner for my favourite album from 2022.

Dan Vapid & The Cheats Live Sept 22

The band will be next be appearing live at The Fest on the 29th October and at Chicago’s Cobra Lounge on the 19th November alongside The MethadonesThe Copyrights & Mikey Erg. Welcome To Dystopia will be released on the 23rd September on vinyl and CD via Eccentric Pop Records and on cassette later this year via Memorable But Not Honorable Tapes