Darla Farmer – Rewiring the Electric Forest

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Darla Farmer

Rewiring the Electric Forest - Paper Garden Records

There is no other way to describe how Darla Farmer sounds other than Streetlight Manifesto meeting Gogol Bordello in a dark alley to murder Jack White. That said, these Tennessee titans know how to transcend genres and captivate the listener from beginning to end. Named after a bank teller in Nashville, Darla Farmer exceeds on their debut album Rewiring the Electric Forest with their supreme musicianship and compositions.

Fuelled with emotional energy, singer-guitarist Clint Wilson’s voice is sincere and soft in “The Cow That Drank Too Much”. Progressing through different influences such as swing, ska, folk and even doo wop, Wilson leads the band through shifts in tempo and meter. Whereas most bands fall apart after one change, Darla Farmer plays tightly together during their smooth transitions. Violin played by Casey Saul and orchestral bells aid the song in emotional appeal, while the tambourine and horns halfway through create a cheerful outlook until the end.

Sounding like a circus act gone terribly awry, horns are blazing hot and momentous drums strike in “Dirty Keys.” Wilson’s voice shifts into a painful vocal chord shredding scream during, “He smashes heads on the dirty piano keys, can you, oh yes you can hear him scream and his melodies are crawling into me.” “The Quotient” erupts with vaudeville and complemented by Saul’s folk fiddle, while “Tommy Bones” tackles sin and repentance in a musical and camp fashion.

Darla Farmer plays with such strong conviction and intensity, which makes it hard not to dance to their music. All of the songs on Rewiring the Electric Forest steer clear from the standard song format, and instead experiments with dynamics and different instrumentation. Exploring swing rock and Spanish music, Darla Farmer creates something truly unique that hasn’t been produced yet. There is unity and flow on this album and yet every song can stand by itself. With a debut album this strong, it will be amazing to see what Darla Farmer will do next. This is the next band to watch out for.