Dead Child- Self-Titled

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Dead Child

Self-Titled - Cold Sweat Records

Let it be known that when the four horsemen of the apocalypse are released from hell to send us all into eternal purgatory for our sins, Dead Child better be playing in the background. This is what the sounds from hell should entail. Guitar licks referencing the likes of Sabbath, Maiden, Judas Priest and old Metallica. Vocals yelped with the channelled anguished banshee wail of the horned beast himself, the sense of abandon for irony and the urge to just rock with cocks preferably out make this EP just plain fun.

The most surprising aspect of this EP is not the music, but the band itself. It’s comprised of the “who’s who” of the prominent underground indie-rock scene. Members such as David Pajo of the iconic bandSlint to others from Tortoise, the Shipping news, Crain, need I go on? Dead Child is composed of members of bands with far superior technicality who’ve come together just for fun.

So how does it rock you might ask? This album is a blast from the 80’s burgeoning heavy metal scene, fit with the right number of guitar solos, chugging build-ups and sly mock-satanic vocals and lyrics, as ifOzzy himself were behind the mic.

I cannot stress this enough, even at a total time of 16:51, this album will rock your face almighty. Believe it.