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Dead Street Dreamers

Count Down To The Reaper - Screaming Crow Records

Do you like a bit of down and dirty Rock ‘n Roll, or maybe some Hardcore Punk Rock or Garage Rock? Well you’re gonna be right at the front of the line to go buy this release by a relatively new band called Dead Street Dreamers. Formed back in 2021, when friends from Vermont decided they needed to do something about playing Punk Rock in their area, and to add something of a spice mix to what was already there. They have now released the Countdown To The Reaper album, that follows up on their 2022 Basement Demos EP, so this is their time to shine and bring us some pretty hard Rock ‘n Roll.

Countdown To The Reaper is a much more eclectic mix than the last EP, which, with the exception of ‘Crash And Burn’, was without doubt a more full on Garage Rock sound, now they have taken things to another level, with the addition of more straight up Punk Hardcore songs with influences like Minor Threat and Black Flag shining through. The first track and title song ‘Countdown To The Reaper’ still holds true to the garage rock sound that is at their core, it’s a song that is reminiscent of the Hellacopters, a song that seems to define what the band have set out to inform you about, the failings of mankind to understand the planet and its population’s fragility. The second track, is where we feel the crossover, a mix of foot to the floor Rock n Roll with a hardcore vocal delivery, a bass guitar that drives the song like a mean undercurrent and a simplicity of lyric that just delivers. With the exception of ‘Nowhere To Go’ the majority of the songs are less than three, or even two, minutes long, this is to their advantage, it gives the songs a sense of meaning without overstaying their welcome.

If your looking for an album of songs that range from looking at mental health issues, like in ‘Dark Thoughts’, or the tearing down of hero worship needing parasites in ‘Kill Your Ego’, and the hard hitting ‘Hammer Down’ that hits back at the employer/governments who take but give little back to the hard working many. In every case your ears are filled with blistering Punk Rock that’s punctuated with gritty Rock with the odd melody driven moment thrown in for good measure. All in all an album that should be in the collection of any discerning fan of down and dirty music that rails at the establishment, but also with words that have compassion and feeling for their surroundings.

Countdown To The Reaper is out now via Screaming Crow Records

Dead Street Dreamers can be found on Facebook and their Website