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Drunk Couples

Blasted! - Bob Records

Blasted! is the debut full length release from South Carolina’s Drunk Couples, it certainly makes a first impression before you’ve even played a single track. The cover depicts a cartoon rendition of The Grim Reaper riding atop a dragon, clutching a ghetto blaster, accompanied by two voluptuous women, attacking a yacht. I’m not sure whether to be impressed or appalled.

Musically this hirsute trio veer between hardcore and upbeat punk ‘n roll, on a fair few numbers the the vocalist and guitarist, CJ DeLuca, bears more than a passing resemblance to Misfits era Glenn Danzig in his delivery. They make an impressive aural assault on their debut album, compared to their first EP the songs are bordering on rock epics, most of the tracks on their first EP Cruisin’ were around the two minute mark. Blasted‘s ten tracks clock in at around 30 minutes, meaning they have expanded their sound and are a little more experimental, I say a little and I mean it. This is still a relentless barrage of high octane distorted guitar riffs that will impress devotees of the likes of The Cosmic Psychos and The Supersuckers.

After listening to this a few times I did find that it became something of a blur of overdriven guitar and pounding drums, but it’s quite an enjoyable blur and I have the feeling that future plays of Blasted! will have me warming to this albums gruff charms. Thinking about it the album cover is a perfect metaphor for this album, this is exactly what Death would listen to if he rode a dragon and attacked super yachts.

Blasted is released on Bob Records on the 17th June 2016 and is available here