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Dysnea Boys

Forgot How To Read - Take It Back Records / Glunk Records

The Dysnea Boys are a Berlin based punk quartet, vocalist Jason Honea originally hails from San Francisco and some of you will probably recognise the name, and his vocal style, from his work with Social Unrest, the line up is completed by former members of Spitfires, Black Halos and Radio Berlin. This is old school punk rock, it’s the kind of music that came from the days when hardcore was just a gleam in punk’s eye, that possesses the kind of authentic attitude that was perpetrated by the likes of like Black Flag, DOA and Circle Jerks. Whether you like this album will depend greatly on whether you are a fan of those bands.

This is an album that has been recorded as it oughta be with rumbling bass, distorted guitar and relentless drums. The overall sound is like they’ve recorded it in a suburban garage and are trying to finish the album before someone complains and the plug is pulled. Forgot How To Read is a Lo-Fi recording that keeps true to it’s origins as it sounds live and urgent, yes the production is primitive and raw but an album like this wouldn’t work with polished production. The whole album is unsurprisingly comprised of all the elements that made the early American punk scene such an exciting and creative period. I can’t decide whether this is something to be treasured or if I’ve heard it all before, but as I haven’t stop listening to it I guess you’d have your answer.

This is authentic punk rock from the dawn of time, finding a record like this surfacing in 2016 is the equivalent of finding a dinosaur grazing in your back garden, certainly unexpected but once you’ve got over the shock you want to tell your friends.

You can purchase Forgot How To Read here https://dysneaboys.bandcamp.com/album/forgot-how-to-read-lp