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Endings - Self Released

Sometimes, well actually more than sometimes, its wonderful to be able to be sent something that has been made in the pure sense of DIY, a band that not only have you not heard of before, but also a sound that has an eerie edge to it, a quality of production that yes could be better, but if it were, would this just spoil the whole experience.  Enter Endings, a emo-pop/punk band from Manchester who are that band, who kick off a gig with maybe only three people watching, then immediately start asking around “who are these?” Why are these on first! (because someone has to be).  

I’d like to say there are some reference points here to head you off in the right direction as to Endings sound, but alas they may be so obscure that even I may not have heard of them, take ‘Heal’ the first track, its bass line and steady build up has a kind of Placebo effect but that soon fades away into oblivion.  I’d like to say that the Emo tag is more of a red herring, but actually its more probable that the pop/punk tag falls a long way off the mark, with ‘Chaos’ kicking off in a not to dissimilar way to the previous song, minus the delicate bass line, then ‘Inside’ doing it part to keep the feeling of depression going (in a good way), not quite shoe gazing thank god.

Then we get to the much better second half of the EP, ‘Safe’ has a similar tempo to what went before, but with a much stronger sense of feeling and angst within the vocal that is so much more convincing, ‘Weight’ follows on with its quirky off kilter beat and weighty (pardon the pun) wall of guitar.

Finally we get to the twist in the tail and best song of the bunch, yes ‘See Through’ does have a much better pop/punk credential and if this is the direction the band is going, then its a shame it to six songs to get there.

Having no idea how long Endings have been going, it would be difficult for me to say anything other than, on the basis of this EP, there is life in there and it’s worth supporting.  

Emo that’s as Emo as it can get, with just a hint of punk.

The Endings EP is out on the 14th January and can be pre-saved here