EP Review: Antillectual – Covers EP

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Covers EP - Thousand Island Records / Lockjaw Records

Hailing from Nijmegen, Holland, veteran punks Antillectual today issue their first material in 4 years – an EP of classic punk covers – with a distribution partnership North America with Thousand Islands Records, Lockjaw Records (UK) and additional international distributors including Mud Cake Records (Germany), White Russian Records and Fond Of Life. Recently, the band had chosen to stop making albums, and individually release socio-politically charged tracks such as ‘Heads You Win, Tails we Lose’, ‘If You’re Not Outraged’ and ‘Fever’. Singer/Guitarist Willhelm explains how the ‘Covers EP’ came together: 

“When this cover idea surfaced we didn’t feel like covering the bands we grew up on. Most of them are still around or reunited. It seemed much more interesting to go back some more generations and find early punk songs with a modern melodic vibe to them. The rhythm section was recorded live and we kept dubs and edits to a minimum. This is as raw/unpolished as we get in the studio! The cover artwork consists of the four original designs converted (by Andy Dahlström of Satanic Surfers) to let you know it’s us.”

The tracks that make up the EP are:

  • ‘Truth Hits Everybody’, originally by The Police – which, under Antillectual’s command, comes over as a muscular (no bell chimes), existential (“The only certain thing in life is death”) skate-punk anthem (woah-oh).                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • The Ramones‘I Believe In Miracles’ is up next: retaining the choppy chords and rat-tat drums, perhaps the most noticeable element is in the vocal delivery, where Willhelm’s “I believe in a better world for me and you,” sounds  more hopeful (?) than Joey Ramone’s cynical sneer.


  • First recorded by The Nerves, but later made famous by Blondie, this version of ‘Hanging On The Telephone’ finds a balance between the two – taking the jangly, surf-style elements of the original, and the pop gloss of Debbie Harry & Co; the immediacy of the tune absolutely shines through.                                          
  • ‘Search and Destroy’ by Iggy & The Stooges rounds out the EP. It’s still all strut and smirk, but pulls away from the trashy, dirty garage swagger of the 70s original to fashion itself as more of a slick, shiny modern commentary.

With no opportunity to play live, Antillectual are hosting an online release party on Friday 15th May – DETAILS HERE.

Like classic tunes with a fun, contemporary twist? ‘Covers EP’ is out now digitally via Bandcamp, or in various formats/bundles from the Antillectual website. Follow the band on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages too.