EP Review: ATTN Deficit Squirrel – Self Titled

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ATTN Deficit Squirrel

ATTN Deficit Squirrel - Dazed Records

Cincinnati-based pop punk quartet ATTN Deficit Squirrel were first conceived back in 2015, and to be honest I’d like to have been a fly on the wall to find out what made them come to the decision that this was going to be their chosen moniker, and was formed from members of other outfits both past and present including Black Saints Cartel, Cocktails & Dreams, Frankly Speaking, Super Massive, Detrimental, Mangrenade and Everyday Sunday. After a number of set backs that resulted in a five year delay ATTN Deficit Squirrel have finally released their four track self titled debut EP via Dazed Records.

Both the band’s name and the EP’s artwork, a squirrel that may have consumed something it shouldn’t have, should lead you to the conclusion that ATTN Deficit Squirrel don’t take themselves too seriously, although the subject matter contradicts this as it is generally lovelorn melodic pop punk. The first cut on their debut EP ‘Fine By Me‘ is a pop punk blast about a failed relationship that contains shades of the usual suspects from the pop punk world, a theme that is continued on the second track ‘Inside‘. The second half of the EP kicks off with ‘Slowing Down‘, a upbeat track that reflects on not knowing where life is taking you, somewhat predictably the final track ‘Time Is On My Side‘ is the introspective acoustic led track that seems to be almost mandatory on any self respecting pop punk release.

This is unashamedly geeky pop punk that won’t change your world in the slightest, but what ATTN Deficit Squirrel will do is provide a soundtrack that will distract you from the ongoing turmoil in the world for just shy of fifteen minutes. Whether ATTN Deficit Squirrel will be on your playlist very much depends on your view of pop punk, whilst they have managed to avoid falling into the trap of sounding exactly like the bands that set the template for pop punk releases, this is very much a release where the emphasis is placed more on the pop elements rather than the punk, but if you love original pop punk then you’ll definitely want ATTN Deficit Squirrel nesting in your playlist.

 ATTN Deficit Squirrel‘s debut EP can be streamed and purchased here