EP Review: Core Diablo – Three Songs Performed By Corre Diablo

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Corre Diablo

Three Songs Performed By Corre Diablo - Self-Released

San Diego/LA trio Corre Diablo (translates as ‘Run Devil’ – the name of a candle used to ward off evil) return this week with their new EP. The band have stayed active during the Covid crisis by releasing their ‘At Home’ series, which has featured acoustic version of tracks that appeared on 2017’s ‘Claws’ EP alongside cover versions of Jawbreaker, Limbeck and Hot Water Music tracks. Proceeds were donated to the Farmworker’s Covid-19 Relief Fund, and in a similar vein, monies made from the sale of ‘Three Songs..’ will find its way to Mutual Aid Network LA, verifying that the guys are indeed “nice dudes who make pissed off tunes”. Frontman Xavier Delgado recently made an appearance on ‘The Keep It Posi Podcast’, discussing his upbringing, the band’s political leanings and musical influences.


The EP opens with recent single ‘Heaven’s Lip’, which initially cruises along pleasantly – Delgado’s rasping tone rubbing against ringing chords and a spacious but purposeful drumbeat. The tension builds, as does the vocal, before the chorus crashes in: “You reap what you are sold, don’t break when asked to bend.” Added to the structural mix is a synth solo and twinkling, echoic post-rock breakdown. Splendid stuff. ‘No Path To Light’ comes across more muscularly. With the mood set to dynamic, it lashes and slashes, but is also twinkly and chunky. Final track ‘Resignation Syndrome’ almost reverses the formula. Pounding drums and chiming guitars wind up and break into a gorgeously melodic, sing-along, fist-pumping chorus (featuring backing gang vocals from the band’s family members). It’s over too quickly.

Like eloquent messages packaged in refined, muscular power-punk? ‘Three Songs..’ is available via the band’s official website,  Bandcamp and Spotify. Corre Diablo also have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to follow.