EP Review: Pave The Jungle – The Hissing

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Pave The Jungle

The Hissing - Self Released

A debut EP that has been already partially drip fed to us in the form of singles throughout the year and then compiled into an full set for release as ‘The Hissing’ 

Starting at the end with ‘Jelly’ which was released back in January, what becomes immediately apparent, is the Anna Calvi influence in this one, more noticeably in the vocal delivery, with a power house of emotion that drips with sultry undertones. 

Musically it is very clear that this EP has so much going on, a blending of power alt rock with theatrical pieces and a hint of confusion thrown in just for good measure.  

‘Ants’ gives the listener a slice of this, with a story line lyric which for the purposes of this review would be unkind to try and explain, go read ‘Flower Of Algernon’ and be educated (no pun intended), musically slightly hits that confusion mentioned earlier, and yet also feels perfect for the dramatic vocal, this being a theme throughout the EP, in fact you are acutely aware that Rachaels Whittle’s vocal presence seems to demand that the music bends a contorts to wrap around it. 

A huge stand out has to be ‘Habitual Thinker’ with its slightly venerable intro building up to pure rock laced with melody, seeing that lyrically it doesn’t hold back on how habits of all kinds can be addictive in a way that the brain always wants to simplify actions to create an easier life for itself, the song does feel addictive and you do find yourself putting it on repeat for a while, enough said!

Thought provoking and wonderfully dramatic rock that’s tinged with punk.


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