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Play Dead

Skint - Blitzcat Records

Firstly lets start with a disclaimer, this is not a resurrection of the post punk band from the late 70’s and early 80’s, this Play Dead is London’s latest set of young punk upstarts. The origins of band lie in the school yard and teenage bedrooms of Herne Hill in South East London, Play Dead are generation z punk rock with all the irreverence, self assuredness and the love of intoxication that you’d expect. If you need punk credentials then they hit this spot as well, Wonk Unit‘s Alex Johnson has taken the band under his wing and The Vibrators‘ Pat Collier engineered “Skint“, the band’s debut EP that is due out on the 26th March via Blitzcat Records.

The “Skint” EP opens with ‘Hide‘, an ode to teenage apathy that blends with the brashness of youth with some serious punk rock chops, the EP’s short sharp title track keeps the momentum going with a song dedicated to that common universal theme of being ‘Skint‘. At the half way point we meet ‘Shaun‘, a track that adopts a more personal rather than universal theme as it’s about the bass player’s nan’s boyfriend, this is followed by ‘Brockwell Park‘, an anthem about that teenage standard of getting fucked up in the local park. The epic, at least by Play Dead‘s standards as it crosses the three minute mark, closing song ‘The Drip‘ is all about the less glamorous side of cocaine use, but rather than being a lecture it’s framed in the band’s own irreverent style.

Ten minutes after you were introduced to Play Dead it’s all over, five tracks, each of which could be singles, compressed into the short but perfectly formed “Skint” EP. Play Dead are a band that are reflecting the world that surrounds them, in that respect there are some echoes from London’s first wave punk bands, but the soundtrack is right here and right now. Play Dead‘s debut EP is a raw headlong rush through South London that has all the qualities that you love about bands like The Chats and Aerial Salad, the latter in particular would be a perfect match for the double headliner of your dreams when sweaty basement venues re-open their doors.

Skint” can be pre-saved here and the EP’s lead single ‘Shaun‘ can be streamed here