EP Review: Spillage – ‘Spillage EP’

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Spillage EP - Various

Manchester’s Spillage“miserable hardcore for the socially maligned” – drop their debut EP on Friday 19th June via a plethora of UK based labels: Prejudice Me Records, Pumpkin Records and Brassneck Records, and also No Time Records in the US. Members of the socio-political group have previous form in other acts such as Better Reality, Black Star Dub Collective, War Party, Tout Suite, Dead Subverts and many more. The EP was recorded last September, but perhaps resonates even more relevantly in present times, with its lyrical themes aimed at the government, class divides and mental health issues.


Opener ‘Morning Song’ clatters in at less than 90 seconds. It’s a fast, frenetic and furious introduction – a strong tone-setter. ‘Mort 420’ hints at a tighter (all those snare hits), more melodious (all those higher picked strings) slant, but maintains the intensity and ferocity – “we’re all suffering/struggling just because,” – that the current climate incites in the band’s ideologies. ‘Indifference One’ is almost bubbly in its approach. Again, there’s an immediate, almost dissonant, guitar line that allows space for the chords to fatten up on the chorus, as vocalist Fran ponders ironically: “Who gave you the right to life..to be human..to exist?” And counterpart closer, ‘Indifference Two’, freewheels on a skate vibe, infused with an 80’s gang harmony/vocal, damning those who “turn a blind eye”.


 Like upfront, melodic grit-punk with a societal conscience? ‘Spillage EP’ is available on a limited run (50) of city smoke 7” vinyl, only offered through the Spillage Bandcamp page. It can also be found via Rad Noise Records, and the other labels listed above. The band are also holding a raffle to win a test pressing of the EP, with money raised going to support Black Minds Matter UK. Details of how to enter HERE.

Spillage have Facebook and Instagram pages.