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The Jacklights

The Jacklights - Self Released

Boston’s The Jacklights released their five track self titled debut EP via Bandcamp at the start of the month, prior to release of their debut EP band had only revealed the raw demo track ‘Bad Memory‘, something that gave an indication where the trio of Nilagia McCoy (guitar/vocals), Michael Allen (bass) and Steve Patton (drums) were coming from. The band’s first multi track release meets those expectations, and even exceeds them, on an EP of DIY punk rock that comes straight from the heart, something that should be a prerequisite of any punk release.

The Jacklights brief press statement alludes to pop punk influences, although the opening track ‘Dump Him‘ only hints at this on the infectious breakdown chorus, the rest of the song is catchy raw punk rock with an understated but heartfelt fuck you. ‘Fall Apart‘ keeps the DIY punk theme rolling as elements of old school punk rock nestle next to contemporary influences. At the EP’s midway mark we get the scathing sneering sarcastic ‘Productive Member Of Society‘ that brings a darker element to bear, somewhat perversely making it my personal highlight. The Jacklights start to put the brakes on from this point, ‘Carolyn‘ brings the pace down but without losing the energy that is been a hallmark of The Jacklights debut EP, finally they bow out with the brooding ‘1AM Radio‘, a track that possesses a burning grunge intensity that is delivered with a DIY punk attitude.

The Jacklights debut EP is one brimming with promise, the energy isn’t diminished by the lo-fi recording, if anything this enhances the appeal of an EP that has has a cross generational appeal for fans of everyone from The Photos and Magnapop to Loaded 44 and CF98. This is a debut EP of raw punk, Nilagia McCoy‘s vocals sit front and centre in the mix on a release that spans the generations with five tracks of bare bones catchy as hell punk rock. Where The Jacklights go from here remains to be seen, but this self titled debut is one that deserves your attention and marks them out as a band to watch.

The Jacklights debut EP is available via Apple MusicBandcamp and Spotify