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Death To The Party - Wiretap Records

Born around 2018, Virginity are three piece from the Florida area of the U.S. and include Casey Crawford – vocals & guitar, Jim Nefferdorf – drums & bkg vocals Jordan Shroyer – bass & bkg vocals.

The ‘Death To Party’ EP seems to be born from an anxiety filled writing session, or at least that’s the feel you get from the contents in the most part.  ‘Bad Call’ is the first track to get a full airing as a video, with its full on worry of dying from a cold, can be the be all and end all of your whole world, was not what was expected.  That said, it does fit in well with the paranoia and anxiety that feeds through a big chunk of this EP.

Songs written from an older perspective that cover areas of life that can only be seen when the bulletproof feeling of youth has fallen by the wayside.  ‘Fest 17’ gets the EP to its traumatic start, not going to go into the lyrics too much, too fucking depressing for us older sorts, musically its a fest of Weezer meets Ash just to drop the obligatory sounds like bands, but to be realistic, Virginity do have a wealth of influence that drives their sound, without direct comparisons.

The third track ‘Fall To Try’ is by far the fastest and pure punk of the four offerings, although its strange almost Cure esk guitar riffs, that seem to be lurking within its depths, do give it a curiosity that has you knowing that this is not just another guitar shred fest of a punk song.

Finally we get to a wonderful and eye opening song ‘Can I Borrow Your Mistakes’ Did I say that this whole EP was a little depressing or anxiety driven, well this track shows just how to finish up saying it as it truly is, and making the reviewer/listener sit up and rue what may have been thought or said earlier, but is this a perfect point to be made!  Not until you have the full picture can you hope to ever see what is there right in front of you.  

‘Can I Borrow Your Mistakes’ is powerful, beautiful, thought provoking and above else a cry out from the darkness.  A simply stunning end to an EP of personal journeys.


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