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Finnegan’s Hell

Finnegan's Hell

One Finger Salute - Wild Kingdom Records

Finnegan’s Hell are far from the madding crowd when it comes to their musical style/journey, a mix of Hillbilly Country, Celtic Punk and some Swedish Folk thrown in for good luck, sees them a side step away from the copycat bands that can be found aplenty within the Celtic Punk scene. Underlining their place in the world, this fourth album says it how it is, a “One Finger Salute” to the doubters, the establishment and all that’s bigoted in the world today  maybe.

Finnigans Hell *** Local Caption *** Photo: Lars Brundin

Throwing a Gogol Bordello feeling song in the form of ‘What Have You Got In The End’ at the onset, is and always will be a winner in my book, it grabs you by the scruff and gets you fully onboard with how this is gonna pan out as an album you are gonna want to listen to again and again.  ‘One Finger Salute’ drops in as the second track, it gives its distain for a bad relationship that was tied into a bigoted family a full “fuck you” with the no looking back treatment and 100% no regret.

Musically some might find the album a little repetitive, but that’s only because they may not be giving it the time it deserves, it has so many quirky moments and raw angst woven throughout its entirety, ‘Read My Lips’ stands as a great track to show this off, a grunge filled bass line kicks it off, this is backed up by an angst filled vocal that is highlighted by an electric rock guitar bridge and throughout your reminded of the folk grounding. 

From start to finish, this album wears its heart right there for all to see, folk music is the core, punk sensibilities are never too far away, but then aren’t they actually one and the same, folk is punk as fuck and punk is folk at its heart.  This is no better heard than in ‘Godforsaken Town’, a disaffected youth of a song, a town that has nothing to give other than homelessness and a world of hurt for it’s long standing residents, it hits the nail on the head for too many of us in this day and age of urban neglect, a song that is sung with all the soul it deserves.

If your hoping for a Ferocious Dog of an album, then this is actually close, its words are different, but it has all the social awareness and life moments crammed in to every corner of its powerful yet tuneful envelope, a package that always keeps you a foot tapping, but still has enough razor sharp emotion to keep it real.

If your a Celtic music fan or a punk who likes to be entertained as well as being given something to get angry teeth into, then this is for you. Yes it is folk, but no its not soft and sweet!!

Out on the 16th of December, this can be listened to or purchased via the bands website HERE

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