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Fred Lee And The Restless

Dreaming In Daylight - Lövely Records

Fred Lee And The Restless may not ring any bells with you, but if we said Totalt Jävla Mörker or more recently RIWEN some true hardcore Swedish punk bands, some might be a little more informed.  What is apparent from the outset of this incarnation though, is that lead singer Fredrik Lindkvist has embraced his storytelling folk side with this release, a nod to the likes of Billy Brag, Frank Turner, Brian Fallon and hints of Joe Strummer in his Mesceleros years, fill every corner of the sound and lyrical beauty.

‘Who Do You Want To Be’ with its Labour Day connotations, sets the tone for this album, bringing a life of fighting systems and speaking up for the less fortunate to the fore, it opens the doors to a world that has been lived in, breathed, and ultimately expressed through these stories.

Folk-Rock as a medium, is so perfectly linked to Punk Rock, it has always had spawned song writers who have never been afraid of using it to express everything from, political views to the love of life at its most fragile, this album is no exception, of which ‘Capitalist Market’ with its world views from a punk perspective, a Laura Jane Grace style lyric with just as much punch, but delivered the folk way, ‘New Sweden’ a crying for the loss that comes with losing a sense of belonging, are just two examples.

From rock guitar to acoustic and a banjo, this album has it all, Fredrik uses every inch of his experience to stretch and mould the music around his heart felt, life affirming lyrics, to create a very intimate and real musical journey.  Forget the Rock n Roll life style, forget the trappings of playing in front of a chaotic hardcore audience, this album shows the world that there is another side, a side that has so many more layers.  ‘Devil’s Chokehold’ Juliet’ and ‘Letter To A Friend’ have so much soul to them, you can’t help but be dragged into the emotional pit, as well as be uplifted by the fighting nature of Fredriks attitude, all smothered in smooth clean guitar licks.

Ten tracks that stand right up there, that not only show Fredrik’s love for, but put him firmly in the Strummer, Bragg, Fallon bracket of writers and performers, this album not only could be, but should! be at the top of every serious music lovers playlist pile.  A Classic in the making. 7 out of 5!! 

‘Sleeping In Daylight’ out on the 11th June, to pre-order slide over to Fred’s BANDCAMP

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