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Fuzigish - Mongrel Records

Out last month via Mongrel Records, this is Fuzigish’s 6th album release in 25 years of existence.  A Ska/Punk/Rockabilly/Soul and from initial listen to this latest offering, you can probably add some rocket fuelled indie too.

Since their origins back on the late 1990’s Fuzugish have taken everything that has musically happened around them, added what came before them and blended it into what could be their finest so far.  I have to fess up to only ever having had my ears blessed with this South African tornado of a band a few times in my very long life, but every time its only ever been an experience that got better, so this album has been nothing less of an epiphany, the back catalogue will definitely be getting my full attention from this moment on.

So into the wild blue yonder we shall go, this an album that is as comforting as musical soup, yet also as exciting and lively as a mouth full of chillies! 

Be prepared to be taken away into a world of music that crosses borders, not only those that divide countries, but also those that separate people, lets go blur those lines and smash down them walls.  ‘Persistance’ has the pleasure of throwing us a grappling hook to drag us aboard this thunderous ride, starting with this powerful indie soaked punkabilly sounding shot across the bow, set us up for the onslaught on the senses that is about to unfold.  What follows can only be described as no less than a explosion of moments in time that will stick with you for so many varying reasons, ‘This Is What I Know’ has a sense of never giving up that is encompassed within a musical ballistic missile, then a song like N.S.D.P shoots the political bullets, yet this falls within a funk/ska sound that builds up to an all out brute of a crescendo, this is followed by a song Rancid would be proud of, ‘The Writings On The Wall’ a punk/ska belter that strikes a blow on the fence sitters, its only a matter of time my friends!, add a few tracks that will never be forgotten in a hurry ‘Redifine’ and ‘Believer’, butthen come to the show stopper of a song ‘Man Down’ a dubstep/rock/indie/punk fest of musical wonder that doesn’t just stop here, it lyrically steps out of line and rugby tackles prejudices.

Is it possible to make an album that takes on social problems, political injustices, the trials of just being, but also has a musical rainbow of sounds that simply embellish every lyric with an overcoat of superb perfection, the answer to this is YES! Fuzigish can.

‘It Goes Like That’ says it all, life will treat you in so many different ways, roll with the punches and punch back when you can.

Rock the hell outta your ears, dance till your feet drop off, then sit back and just know that you have just witnessed a classic in the true sense of the word.  7 out of 5!!

Out now via Mongrel Records

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