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Good Luck

Without Hesitation - No Idea Records

When I went to The Fest 9 in 2010 I had a conversation about Good Luck with my buddy Ryan who went down there with me. He was pumped to see them but I really couldn’t care less – I had heard a few songs but nothing worth me getting excited over. Nevertheless, I went and watched as the crowd at 8Seconds feverishly ate them up and my friend bought a kickass Good Luck tshirt (seriously, probably the best tshirt design I’ve seen in years). I watched them but they were forgettable and left no impact on me.

A little over a year later and I’m sitting with their long awaited sophomore album, Without Hesitation, and now I think I see what the crowd saw down in Florida way back when.

For as I play Without Hesitation over and over again, I can’t help but smile to myself as a pop my head back and forth to these quirky little ditties. With an unorthodox writing style, Good Luck are a mix of sugary sweet pop-punk and indie-rock. Sharing vocal duties, Ginger Alford and Matt Tobey somehow sound as one voice – serving as a nice replacement for the now defunct The Measure[SA] or a poppier version of The New Dress. It’s Lemuria meets The Fight meets Laura Stevenson & The Cans meets Candy Hearts.

This is bubbly, joyful music with questioning lyrics examining the human condition. When needed they pick up the pace, building Alford’s vocals off of Tobey’s twinkling guitars with heavy drums propelling it forward ala Novel Figure. But then they pull it back with the Lemuria-insprired Decider that floats with a steady bass line, a piano melody and Tobey’s vocals.

As it plays through, songs like Contact, The Story Rewritten, A Song To Comfort The Sick and Significant Day are all delivered with a sense of maturity and strength. Spouting off a distinctly DIY sound and impressive chops, Good Luck balances emotion with intensity, speed with harmony, subtlety with grandness.

I may not have quite “got” them back in 2010 but with Without Hesitation, I may finally be on my way to being one of the many singing along in the front row next time.