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Greeley Estates

Caveat Emptor - Record Collection

It’s weird how one seemingly random and pointless event can become a permanent comparison when you think of a band. For me, this seemingly random event happened at the Taste of Chaos tour which will now force me to chuckle inwardly whenever I hear the name Greeley Estates. For you see, at that concert there were these two girls, incredibly hot and incredibly slutty girls who were obviously only there to pick up guys. Trying to be cool, or maybe just to keep themselves warm since they were probably cold due to the lack of clothes they weren’t wearing, they went in and bought Greeley Estates shirts, but instead of watching the band play when they hit the stage, they sat in the back where you could only hear a distant echo of the show, drinking beers and hitting on guys. And because of that, I’m sure that from now on whenever I hear the name, I will think of those two girls and smirk – and while this little antidote has nothing to do with Caveat Emptor per say, the EP didn’t do anything to change my thought of the band – I still have that moronic smirk on my face.

You see, Caveat Emptor is a very forgettable EP, and even though it’s not a boring CD, it is just generic emo/screamo that fails to be memorable in any shape or form. In fact, I’m sure if it wasn’t for those two girls, the name Greeley Estates would soon vanish from my memory completely. The six songs go by in the same way that most of the Victory Records roster go by, with a few decent songs here and there (Life Is A Garden and Always), but those few shinning moments are completely overshadowed by generic scream-filled songs with no catch like Don’t Look Away and This Song Goes Out To. It’s sad that they succumb to this, because while the singer’s vocals aren’t anything innovative, he does have some good pipes that are slightly catchy; but as soon as he feels the need to break into screams anything they had going for them vanishes and they instantly joins the ranks of countless screamo bands just trying to swim in on an overused genre that’s suddenly making it big in the Hot Topic crowd.

Frankly, Caveat Emptor is forgettable. The instant the EP is done, you’ve forgotten all about them pretty much. They do have some great riffs – especially on Y’all With The Vampire Squad? (but my god, the vocals ruin that song), but its still not worth the high sticker price. Fans of old Hawthorne Heights or Adair and The Smashup may enjoy it briefly, but that enjoyment won’t last.