High End Denim Records – Ween​-​O​-​Rama: A Spooky Sampler

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Ween​-​O​-​Rama: A Spooky Sampler - High End Denim Records

In these current confusing times, conspiracy theories abound, so forgive me if I am making links where there aren’t any, but 7 songs from 6 bands (7 plus 6 = 13, which reversed is 31), is either poetic or coincidence for a Halloween themed record. Either way the songs on offer on this Sampler EP from High End Denim Records serve as a welcome distraction from the more inventive ideas a few million people share via the online world.

Kicking off proceedings are The Offsailors with Jerkolantern, which bowls along nicely and recalls the perils of Trick Or Treating and being chased by older boys who are after your sack! There’s a huge slice on NoFX influence on display here, but that shouldn’t be seen as a negative, given Fat Mike and Co have delivered cracking songs over their career. A worthy start to the EP. Robbie Morön has two songs on offer, kicking off with Husqvarna Hairdo, which is a cautionary tale about a hair stylist who makes Edward Scissorhands seem like a good choice for a trim, as this guy uses a chainsaw instead. The second song, Sexy For Halloween, is featured later, and continues the joyous nature with a different take on Halloween costumes, with the protagonist channeling his inner male stripper fantasies. Both of the Robbie Morön songs are well crafted, and are easily the highlights of the record for me.

Pantyhose Alien is up next from Burning Nickels which starts off with spooky noises, but quickly gives way to another song laden with NoFX riffs, and pace aplenty. The song conjures up the horror of facial features squashed into nylon stockings, as a last minute costume makes a lasting impression on the storyteller. Then all too quickly the song is over, and I’m left wanting more. Boo Radley wear their heart on their sleeves (presumably because the Halloween slasher has cut it out), with this unapologetic “love song” to Michael Myers of the Halloween movie series. Evil & Rage is a cracking three and a half minutes of fast paced, tuneful punk. The gruffly delivered lyrics fit perfectly with the subject matter whilst the rest of the band are clearly tight, with some light and shade dynamics. Great stuff.

Pumpkin Man by The Current State has slightly awkward verse lyrics, but a hooky chorus, which I could see working well in a live setting. The drumming has a certain Pennywise feel, and for me doesn’t fit the pace of the rest of the song. The record closes with a glorious pop punk song called Hey Laurie which namechecks Friday 13th, Halloween and Nightmare On Elm Street, delivered with huge buckets of blood soaked melody by the wonderfully named Boltergeist. For some reason this reminds me of Dude Ranch era Blink-182, a brilliant conclusion to an enjoyable EP, and second only to Robbie Morön contribution.

Weenorama will be released digitally on the 22nd October and on limited run cassette during Halloween week, the EP can be pre-ordered via High End Denim Records