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Hunting Hearts

Anybody Else - Self Released

After reading some of the hype/press info about Hunting Hearts, it seemed very easy to be intrigued as to what to expect from this as quoted “genre-queer trans punk band”, as perfect a description as you might ever hear of this group of DIY punk/rock newbies, I use the term newbie only because anything after the1990’s is new to this old punk. It might come as no surprise that this touted description of the band is welcomed with arms wide open from myself and the Punk Site, fight for every inch of inclusiveness you can is what we say, and this is from the heart too!

Where exactly do we begin with this album, oh yeah the beginning, well almost, before we go any further and just so I don’t forget, also just so as I don’t have to keep on repeating this most important fact.  The vocal lead comes from Beck Lombardi, a vocal that has no right being anywhere else than at the very top of my list of “floored by”, be aware that this voice comes with a warning of “explosive material”.  

Ok so now that’s over, lets hit play on this review, track one ‘Heed This’ sets the atmosphere for an album that takes no prisoners, an album that sets out to burn the bigots, love the lovers and dance like no one is looking.

‘Love You To Death’ the first single release of this album comes in like a thunderbolt to the heart, its like a firestorm of emotion, lyrically it just nails you to the cross of love, this is then followed by the show stopper that is ‘No Guts’, apart from the melodic wonderfulness it exudes, it also tells a tale that is sung with the feeling of knowing that it deserves. 

As you move through every song in this masterpiece of human emotion, what never fails to draw you in, is the vocal affinity to the words, a breadth of feeling that has you as a listener right there in the moment.  Musically nothing is left lacking, ‘Omen’ is a perfect example of how to wrap a vocally stunning song in an overcoat of such complimentary sound, it grabs you by the scruff of the neck and throws you against the wall, in a good way.

Mid way through this epic album, you get what initially feels like a letting up or respite from the spilling out of the soul, the no holds barred pouring out of the soul, in the shape of ‘Don’t Let A Good Thing Go’ with the acoustic softness the belies its hardcore centre drawing you into what is an epic seven minutes plus of empowerment, a song that holds the key to what possibly Hunting Hearts are actually all about, it not only shows strength of will, it breaks even the hardest shell to a quivering wreck.

If you were in any doubt about my second paragraph, and maybe was it a little early to be exacting the power of unparalleled vocal love all over Beck Lombardi, just get your lugs round ‘The Vow’ and now get it!!!

Could this be the album to beat my favourite of the past few years Millie Manders & The Shut Up ‘Broken Ties’ for delivering an album that opens the singers soul for all to see. 

Rock n Roll played and sung with every ounce of their being poured into it, go buy this album and never look back. 

Created from crowd funding and 100% DIY get your copy before they sell out.

Released on April 22nd

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