In The Pines – Forever Green EP

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In The Pines

Forever Green - Black Numbers Records

Forever Green is the debut release by Philadelphia’s In The Pines, they have delivered an oddball mix of emo, indie and post punk that makes for a challenging listen. The opening track, Fly Over States, is jangly indie pop with the kind of gruff vocal delivery that wouldn’t sound out of place over a melodic hardcore backing. They follow this confused number with Einstellung, the high point of Forever Green, which features trebly echo drenched lead guitar over the top of a hypnotic rhythm. Where You Dwell and You, Two round out the EP in a pleasant manner but neither track made any real impression on me and continued the confusion of influences and styles.

I think the problem is that In The Pines aren’t really sure where they want to be, or even what they want to be. There are so many influences crammed onto the EP that you end up with a hybrid which doesn’t reach the heights you feel they are capable of. As a result Forever Green is neither fish or fowl and I just can’t see this having the cross genre appeal that they hoped for.

Forever Green can be purchased via the In The Pines bandcamp here.