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Irked EP - Scene Report Records

I saw Irked for my first time a few weeks or so back, then i received the EP last week to listen to and type up this scrawl of words about it. On both occasions I was blown away and full of “fucking hell, what a sound, what a band”, there’s not a man alive, well not in my vicinity, that could do this band justice by typing some uneducated words about how good they are live, or for that matter recorded also, but hey I’ll do my best to give you the low down as best I can.

“Scaring audiences into submission in their live set” is a line I’d read about Irked, scaring my ears and brain half to death was the first thing that came to mind when dropping play on this EP, but truthfully, its not as scary as not being opened up to such greatness, its more of a short sharp shock of politically charged adrenalin fuelled energy that’s tinged with sartorial humour. This is an EP that’s finished far too quickly sadly, but with songs that you’ll not forget easily. ‘Snakes’ is up first, its feedback guitar giving it a tortured sound, this is cut through by bass that adds a softer melodic sweetness, but then in comes the samurai vocal, a slash and go attack on the senses. ‘Backstreets’ is the next grenade in the room, its no holding back lyrics that scour the room for those creepy types that its calling out, the dark unpoliced side of your local music scene, an anarchic yet fully focused torpedo of sound and words.

I said that this EP is over far too quickly, but truth is it’s actually never over, once you’ve taken in the tirade that’s in ‘Crippling Empath’, the very strange at first ‘Lanzarote’, yes a holiday in Lanzarote gets a whole song, and why not. Then you’ve been thrown around the room by ‘Move’, you’ve heard every single tempo of music and vocal gymnastics you could shake a stick at, this is when you flick all the way back and start putting your head through the mangle over and over again, just because its actually so much fun, some would call it otherwise, maybe self-flagellation, I’d call it opening your mind to rebellion and listening to real life issues. Walking barefoot on hot coals or dancing on broken glass is a way of describing listen to this album, its harsh and painful in places, but without the pain, you’ll never find the pleasure of knowledge and hidden beauty (damn I talk shit sometimes, but it sounded ok in my head).

The Irked EP is out now via Scene Report Records

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